Derby-themed Fundraiser Night

You guys, I did something nearly fashionable!

Our University held an “Uncorked” event at a local concert venue, where there was a live band, hors d’oeuvres from all over town, plus wine to top it off! This fundraiser made money for a scholarship fund dedicated to local students. Although we are quite nearly the same as the broke students we were a month ago, J and I got an email that offered 2 tickets for less than the price of one regular ticket! We still did our part, but sure tried to also get our night’s worth of fun out of it!

The dress code was “Derby attire.” I consulted my frat-tastic friend who works for the University on what to wear and the conversation went like this:
Derby Attire | TheSparkleSisters

But I did have a well-shaped dress for the occasion (if only it were floral!) to wear. So I played along with it to see what I could come up with. Justin had a nice coral-orange tie and he even picked out the jewelry in the store from the mere memory of what color his tie truly was. And it turned out pretty great! I wish there were some better colored pictures of the final product, but here were all the components! I also haven’t worn earrings in a decade (lies, maybe a year?) so that was something fun and new. I think wearing them always make me look older. I take what I can get. The lady that cut my hair that same day asked if I was 12.

Derby Attire | TheSparkleSisters

Derby Attire | TheSparkleSisters

Derby Attire | TheSparkleSisters

Derby Attire | TheSparkleSisters
The Look:
Dress: Banana Republic
Shoes: Payless (I know, but they are really comfy!)
Jewelry: Icing

It was so fun to dress up and go somewhere! We watched the Belmont Stakes the next day, too, in true Derby fashion. But I didn’t wear a hat…some people did, but I wasn’t sure if people were actually going to!

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Fashion Friday: Cruise Casual Dining


As we’re kicking off Spring Break this week, lots of people are heading out on cruises! I thought I’d share some of my outfits from the cruise I took over Christmas, because it seemed like a great time for it!

First off, I was super happy that I hadn’t tossed my sandals from last summer. They’re gone now…but I needed them badly for this trip! I wore this combo as a bit of dressy casual for dinner one night.

Get the look:
Sheer shirt
Patterned capri pants
Statement necklace

My articles are from:
Top – Charlotte Russe
Pants – Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace – Charming Charlie’s
Sandals – Target, Summer 2013 season

I am not a bandeau wearer, friends. Partly because I think it’s immodest, and partly because it would fall down…

But here’s me in the mix!

What’s your go-to casual outfit for a cruise?


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