February/March/April Birchbox Review

Well, it sure looks like I fell off the face of the planet on this one, my friends.


I am also considering trying out a new box when I get a real people job, so suggestions would be appreciated!

Here’s to hoping Cat and I come back around these parts soon…





Chalkboard Picture Frames

We are currently in the throes of wedding planning. Catherine is my MOH, so she is always ever so helpful. My groom-to-be is also super helpful as well. He really did most of this craft, so props to him!

With plans to use chalkboards as a lowlight to our wedding, we wanted to make a few to be used for drink menus and other various instructions that command fun! Luckily for me, my house already had everything we needed but frames (we probably have those too, but who the heck knows where to find them.)


Chalkboard Paint
Something to paint (cardboard, showerboard, etc)
Frames (I got mine at Goodwill)
Coarse sandpaper

1. First you sand off the finishes of the frames. We also primed them with white. I recommend this highly, especially with darker wood and if you plan on using light colored paint.

2. Paint your frames the desired colors. Let dry. I have 3 different greens and two different yellows.


3. Paint whatever you are placing in the frames to write on in chalkboard paint. J applied two or 3 coats for solidarity. And our backing of choice was thin cardboard. We taped it to the workspace so they wouldn’t curl when they got wet.

4. Place chalkboards into frames and enjoy!

Enjoy having fun with your new little toys! We also bought a chalk pen that I am anxious to try out!


Fashion Friday: Cruise Casual Dining


As we’re kicking off Spring Break this week, lots of people are heading out on cruises! I thought I’d share some of my outfits from the cruise I took over Christmas, because it seemed like a great time for it!

First off, I was super happy that I hadn’t tossed my sandals from last summer. They’re gone now…but I needed them badly for this trip! I wore this combo as a bit of dressy casual for dinner one night.

Get the look:
Sheer shirt
Patterned capri pants
Statement necklace

My articles are from:
Top – Charlotte Russe
Pants – Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace – Charming Charlie’s
Sandals – Target, Summer 2013 season

I am not a bandeau wearer, friends. Partly because I think it’s immodest, and partly because it would fall down…

But here’s me in the mix!

What’s your go-to casual outfit for a cruise?


This week, we linked up with Favorite Fashion Friday!

Business Review: Beauty Box Salon in Dallas

Happy Tuesday!

So the last time I got my hair cut was an embarrassing ten months ago (eek!) and while I love how much it grew in that time, I was less than enchanted by my “bangs,” split ends, dead ends, etc… Oh, it was laughably bad.

Enter stage right: Groupon

I’ll admit to being cheap. I’m a student at a private college that works about 16 hours a week and eats a lot, so I don’t have tons of money to spend on such frivilosity as haircuts. However, I have champagne taste when it comes to my hair and after 10 months, there is no way I’m entrusting my locks to Great Clips because I just. can’t. do. it.

Enter stage left: Beauty Box Salon !

I purchased a haircut for $19 through Groupon (typically $55!) and then set an appointment.

They sent me an email AND text message a few days before asking me to confirm, and another text message reminder the day of. I have never experienced that before! It was awesome.

As a Dallas transplant, I’ll admit that the sheer number of highways here is incredibly intimidating so I tend not to venture beyond my comfort zone- to and from work, church, school, and friends’ homes. That said, it was surprisingly easy to find the salon. It was right on the road, clearly signed, and you just walk right in!

Once I arrived, I checked in with the receptionist and she offered me my choice of coffee or water (which was flavored with lemon) and it was served in a real glass as I waited for my stylist, Stephanie, to finish with her client. I felt so pampered and all I had done was walk in!

Stephanie and I chatted for a minute about what I wanted, the deal with my hair, etc, and when all was said and done, it took under an hour. She blew it out and gave me VS Angel hair (#swoon) and I love it!

Overall, no complaints from this satisfied customer!


Love and Beer

Good morning, Sisters!

I’m so sorry that I have been MIA. School has absolutely taken over my life! Buuut I wanted to share the craft I made for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day… Personalized beers!


Aren’t they just so precious?! And the nice thing is that you can take this same concept and apply it to any beverage at any time of the year! Let’s get started.

I began by gathering materials…


  • Beer (I bought the Shiner “Family Reunion” 6-pack because A loves Shiner)
  • Construction paper and cardstock- I bought some 6×6″ Valentine’s sheets of cardstock from Target and then some pink and red construction paper I had on hand.
  • Glue- always my trusty glue gun.
  • Glitter (naturally!) and other decorations- I bought a big bag of foam hearts from Target.
  • Labels for the beer. I made mine up based on the type of beer (each one was different)

Okay so. I started by cutting the cardstock in half and gluing it together to make a 3×6″ label. Then I cut each square label out and glued them together.

IMG_2186[1] IMG_2187[1]

Once that was done, I decorated the labels and the box!



I wasn’t planning to glue the labels to the bottles, but the stickers made it difficult to pull the bottles out with the label remaining on the bottle. So the labels and the bottles are all one piece now.

Super easy, super fun! The top picture is the final product. A loved them (he does not love Valentine’s Day), and I love that I have a craft that I can adapt for any holiday I need.

What did you make your man for V-Day?



January Birchbox Review

Happy 2014, sisters!

I’ve gotten a great opportunity to test out all of my goodies from my January box, so here’s the rundown! My box was SPOT ON this month and totally rocked. Everything got a 4/4 would buy again from me!


Nail Rock Glitter Manicure: (4/4)
This was SUPER fun. You paint two coats, then dip your fingers in loose glitter and press it down to stick. I left the glitter loose on top without a topcoat for the texture. It comes off fairly easily, so are really nice for a couple days’ wear with no serious side effects (eg eternal glitter).


Original: Right after!

After a couple days!

After a couple days!

Juara Candle Nut Body Creme (4/4)
Smells great and feels great!

Revive Dry Deodorant Sheets (/4)
It comes in a recloseable pack!

Besame Classic Color Lipstick (4/4)
These are amazing. They even came in a little match box. I got multiple uses out of just one. They are super smooth and don’t taste like lipstick, but get on things (as is the nature of red lipstick, I suppose). Great coverage! I even used it lightly once as more of a light pink lipstain.

Beauty Protector: Protect and Detangle (4/4)
Smells great, works great. Makes my hair lay flat and feel good all day, which never happens. I may actually have to buy some of this.

I’ve officially tried everything in my box this month BEFORE my February box has arrived, so it better hurry up!


What did you like in your box in January?