Glitter Graduate

Sisters, nothing says going out like a BANG! like glitter on your grad cap, am I right?

My sorority has a tradition where everyone makes matching caps, and for the past 4 years, they’ve included glitter. But let’s talk about the whole loose glitter situation:


Glitter Graduation Caps | TheSparkleSisters

Thanks, Demitri Martin.

My pledge class is known to be a little bit more…concerned with messy things. So we did glitter paper instead! (Still kinda messy….fair warning.)

Mortarboard (Because you’re worth it!)
Glitter Paper
Hot glue gun

So…drawing triangles is hard, you guys. If one’s a leeeetle off, it looks bad. So, we had to assign someone to make a template. We decided on and outside color (silver and gold) with all the insides as blue. But some people wanted the outer color to also show on the inside of the delta. Which meant different dimensions on the triangle…It’s a lot to think about!

I finished first and didn’t want my insides cut out, so here’s what mine looked like!
Glitter Grad Cap | TheSparkleSisters

It’s alternating silver-gold-silver on the backgrounds!

Some people took creative liberties, so here is our whole pledge class on the big day!

Glitter Grad Cap | TheSparkleSisters


This was the ultimate, final sorority craft. It had it all: sparkle, stress and love.

Sparkle on into the real world…!

Glitter Grad Cap | TheSparkleSisters


Love and Beer

Good morning, Sisters!

I’m so sorry that I have been MIA. School has absolutely taken over my life! Buuut I wanted to share the craft I made for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day… Personalized beers!


Aren’t they just so precious?! And the nice thing is that you can take this same concept and apply it to any beverage at any time of the year! Let’s get started.

I began by gathering materials…


  • Beer (I bought the Shiner “Family Reunion” 6-pack because A loves Shiner)
  • Construction paper and cardstock- I bought some 6×6″ Valentine’s sheets of cardstock from Target and then some pink and red construction paper I had on hand.
  • Glue- always my trusty glue gun.
  • Glitter (naturally!) and other decorations- I bought a big bag of foam hearts from Target.
  • Labels for the beer. I made mine up based on the type of beer (each one was different)

Okay so. I started by cutting the cardstock in half and gluing it together to make a 3×6″ label. Then I cut each square label out and glued them together.

IMG_2186[1] IMG_2187[1]

Once that was done, I decorated the labels and the box!



I wasn’t planning to glue the labels to the bottles, but the stickers made it difficult to pull the bottles out with the label remaining on the bottle. So the labels and the bottles are all one piece now.

Super easy, super fun! The top picture is the final product. A loved them (he does not love Valentine’s Day), and I love that I have a craft that I can adapt for any holiday I need.

What did you make your man for V-Day?



Wreaths on Wreaths on Wreaths on Wednesday

Heeeey Sisters!

On Sunday, sweet Hillary shared the ornament wreath she made for her sorority house. It’s absolutely darling- go check it out if you haven’t already!

Today, I’m sharing the wreath(s) that I made for my family, and they are a smidge more traditional, but hopefully you’ll like them!

I purchased all of my materials from Michaels

You’ll need…

plain ol' wreath (for now!)

a plain ol’ wreath (for now!)


flower details! big…


…and small!

decorative berries 'cause why not

decorative berries ’cause why not

also scissors and a hot glue gun!

I’ll be honest… It’s difficult to really do a tutorial… I pretty much stuck the stuff in and glued it down so that it would stay. I started with the berries, fanned them out and curved them to fit the shape of the wreath..


hey-o,aren’t my gold moccasins the cutest?

I cut the long stem off the poinsettia (but I kept enough to stick it in) and then glued the base and some of the petals.


Those little flowers actually had twist ties at the bottom, so I just tied them to branches!

so handy!

so handy! excuse my un-manicured fingers, #baristaprobs

Annnnd ta-da!


I love it so much, I made two!

Actually, I had always been planning to make two because they are going above the mantle on either side of a Little Town of Bethlehem portrait that Mama Bear had. I’ll show you the Pinspiration once I get the whole mantle done. Until then, comment! What kind of wreath(s) are you doing? Something more traditional or something more unique? Share with us!

Happy crafting!



Sparkle Sunday: Ornament Wreath

Man, I love it when my Photo Stream uploads immediately. That nearly never happens…But it did today and was super exciting and nice.

Sparkle Sunday today is being linked with Nifty Thrifty Sundays, so check it out!!

This is a little late on the uptake, but it finally got hung tonight so I had to add a few final touches and now it’s ready for the blog!

IMG_1793I’m in Delta Delta Delta, and our colors are silver, gold and blue. I love that, and it also helps that my university’s colors are also blue and gold. After this project, I might be bleeding silver gold and blue glitter for all of eternity. My shoes still haven’t recovered from stage one.

I had to do this in stages, for many reasons.

1. I bought the ornaments in Denver. and didn’t have time to work on it over break because: twig vases.

2. I bought the wreath and ribbon in OKC, but decided I wanted to wrap the wreath after I started, and ran out of ribbon. So…I ended looking like this:

3. Then I finished in Tulsa, but added a bow and hanger today, so here I am, finally done.

Assorted sized ornaments (I bought mine form Dollar Tree and Wal Mart)
Foam wreath
Hot glue
Hanging device

1. I pulled off all the tops to the ornaments just for convenience.

2. Wrap the wreath with the ribbon

3. Start gluing… and keep gluing.


4. I just made up a way to make a bow…so have fun with that.

5. Last, I attached a hanger to the back end. Mine was makeshift, but worked really well. I straightened out a paper clip into a flat C-shape, and poked them into the foam. Then I covered it in glue and shoved it back in. Ta da, hanger.


Have so much fun, and glitter on!


Twig Vases for the Holiday!

Hi y’all.

I should be writing a paper tonight, but I have something to do in 20 minutes. Clearly I can’t effectively get in “the zone” and write anything useful for that in 20 minutes, so here I am cranking out a blog! It’s the only writing I really want to do anyways…!

During Thanksgiving break, I was anxious to bring some Christmas cheer into my home.


The left picture I found on Pinterest via I Can’t Stop Crafting. I put Sparkle Sister spin on this treat and made something so fun!

Materials: (Makes 1 vase)
White paint
Paintbrush you don’t care about
Hot Glue Gun

1. Collect twigs and cut to appropriate size.



2. Paint sticks white! I used acrylic paint and watered it down. A light coat keeps it looking rustic! Justin also helped me with branch cutters even out the ends.


3. Start gluing your sticks to the vase! It will be easiest to start with bigger, straighter, ones and fill in the gaps later with thinner twigs. A vase with straight sides will also work best.

4. Tie a ribbon to complete!

5. We filled them with fake poinsettias and gold branches. Glitter everywhere, y’all. So worth it.


Sparkle on, Sisters!


Today we’re linking up for More the Merrier Monday!

More the Merrier Monday

Angels We Have Heard on High

Hey y’all!

I just finished my first holiday craft of the season- a shadow box featuring some sweet angels and a patterned background!

Here’s the tutorial of what I did and what I used (all images personal)


  • 11×14 shadow box from Homegoods
  • Metal angel bells from Homegoods
  • Mini wrapping paper from Michaels

To start out, I measured out the wrapping paper to use as a backdrop in the shadow box. I had to trim it but that was no biggie


The shadow box came with some short pins, so I pinned the corners of the wrapping paper to the burlap background. Then, it was time to pin in the angels. Their ribbons were too long for them to hang at the angle I wanted, so I shortened those and pinned them in. I wanted the box to feature the lyrics to one of my favorite Christmas songs (you guessed it- “Angels We Have Heard on High” !) so I took a dry erase marker and wrote “Gloria in excelsis Deo” straight onto the glass. The great thing about dry erase- if I want to use the shadow box again, it’ll come right off!

Here’s the final product:


So sweet, huh? I might add a gold star to that upper right hand corner. What do you think? Do you have any angel crafts planned for this Christmas?