new year, new wardrobe!

Hello there!

It’s been a long time. I just haven’t done anything worth mentioning recently…!

I’ve already prepped my husband for 2015: the year of the wardrobe crossover. My goal is to replace most of the old pieces in my closet. I’ve got lots of shells/tanks from Ann Taylor LOFT that I’ve been wearing for 5 years now, and they’re starting to get ratty and pilled. Not to mention, I can’t remember if I’ve already worn it to that “one significant event that happens every year.” I just need new work clothes, you guys. and it’s gonna happen!

My new wardrobe will have:

Black dress slacks
Nice grown-up jeans
5-7 shells, patterned or solid
3-4 cardigans
1-2 sweaters
Black pumps (my heels are broken on the current ones ūüė¶ )
1-2 Pencil skirts
Work dresses
Dress up dresses
Plain v-neck T’s

What’s in your closet? What are some staples that every lady needs?




February/March/April Birchbox Review

Well, it sure looks like I fell off the face of the planet on this one, my friends.


I am also considering trying out a new box when I get a real people job, so suggestions would be appreciated!

Here’s to hoping Cat and I come back around these parts soon…




Love and Beer

Good morning, Sisters!

I’m so sorry that I have been MIA. School has absolutely taken over my life! Buuut I wanted to share the craft I made for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day… Personalized beers!


Aren’t they just so precious?! And the nice thing is that you can take this same concept and apply it to any beverage at any time of the year! Let’s get started.

I began by gathering materials…


  • Beer (I bought the Shiner “Family Reunion” 6-pack because A loves Shiner)
  • Construction paper and cardstock- I bought some 6×6″ Valentine’s sheets of cardstock from Target and then some pink and red construction paper I had on hand.
  • Glue- always my trusty glue gun.
  • Glitter (naturally!) and other decorations- I bought a big bag of foam hearts from Target.
  • Labels for the beer. I made mine up based on the type of beer (each one was different)

Okay so. I started by cutting the cardstock in half and gluing it together to make a 3×6″ label. Then I cut each square label out and glued them together.

IMG_2186[1] IMG_2187[1]

Once that was done, I decorated the labels and the box!



I wasn’t planning to glue the labels to the bottles, but the stickers made it difficult to pull the bottles out with the label remaining on the bottle. So the labels and the bottles are all one piece now.

Super easy, super fun! The top picture is the final product. A loved them (he does not love Valentine’s Day), and I love that I have a craft that I can adapt for any holiday I need.

What did you make your man for V-Day?



Wreaths on Wreaths on Wreaths on Wednesday

Heeeey Sisters!

On Sunday, sweet Hillary shared the¬†ornament wreath¬†she made for her sorority house. It’s absolutely darling- go check it out if you haven’t already!

Today, I’m sharing the wreath(s) that I made for my family, and they are a smidge more traditional, but hopefully you’ll like them!

I purchased all of my materials from Michaels

You’ll need…

plain ol' wreath (for now!)

a plain ol’ wreath (for now!)


flower details! big…


…and small!

decorative berries 'cause why not

decorative berries ’cause why not

also scissors and a hot glue gun!

I’ll be honest… It’s difficult to really do a tutorial… I pretty much stuck the stuff in and glued it down so that it would stay. I started with the berries, fanned them out and curved them to fit the shape of the wreath..


hey-o,aren’t my gold moccasins the cutest?

I cut the long stem off the poinsettia (but I kept enough to stick it in) and then glued the base and some of the petals.


Those little flowers actually had twist ties at the bottom, so I just tied them to branches!

so handy!

so handy! excuse my un-manicured fingers, #baristaprobs

Annnnd ta-da!


I love it so much, I made two!

Actually, I had always been planning to make two because they are going above the mantle on either side of a Little Town of Bethlehem portrait that Mama Bear had. I’ll show you the Pinspiration once I get the whole mantle done. Until then, comment! What kind of wreath(s) are you doing? Something more traditional or something more unique? Share with us!

Happy crafting!



Product Review: Memento Monogrammed Clutch

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope this finds you well.

A few weeks ago, Memento, an online monogramming company, held a contest on their Instagram account, and I won! I was so excited, particularly because I was having a down day and I needed a win. Anyway, their customer service rep, Michelle, was awesome and we got in touch right away and now the clutch is here!


isn’t it so cute!

Lately, I’ve been on a total gold kick- makes sense, given my love for all that glitters- so I was ecstatic that Memento had this clutch in gold- it’s a little darker than I was expecting (this photo, as well as the one on their site, is filtered) but it’s still pretty great. I wasn’t expecting the number of pockets- the bag is basically split in half and there is a pocket on each side in addition to card slots and a coin pouch in the middle. So much space!

The other GREAT feature: it has a cross body strap AND a wristlet strap! So I can wear it alone or throw it in a bigger bag as a wallet. Not to mention that the cross body strap is adjustable…

I’ll admit that it just arrived today so I’m not sure how well it works as a night-out bag but I’m sure it will do just great. I’m so excited that it is here! The bag is $35 on Memento (monogramming costs free-99) and comes in seven colors with a huuuuge variety of thread colors. Memento also does Greek monogramming so you can sport your sorority in the cutest way- or maybe get a gift for your friends and sisters?

Thank you, Memento!



Ahhh here we are!

Welcome to The Sparkle Sisters! We are SO excited to be starting this blog- something that we’ve both been considering for a while.

Here you will find our take on crafts, clothes, and other lifestyle ideas featuring one of our favorite things- sparkle!

Thank you for coming and we hope to inspire you to celebrate the shining star you are!