Business Review: Beauty Box Salon in Dallas

Happy Tuesday!

So the last time I got my hair cut was an embarrassing ten months ago (eek!) and while I love how much it grew in that time, I was less than enchanted by my “bangs,” split ends, dead ends, etc… Oh, it was laughably bad.

Enter stage right: Groupon

I’ll admit to being cheap. I’m a student at a private college that works about 16 hours a week and eats a lot, so I don’t have tons of money to spend on such frivilosity as haircuts. However, I have champagne taste when it comes to my hair and after 10 months, there is no way I’m entrusting my locks to Great Clips because I just. can’t. do. it.

Enter stage left: Beauty Box Salon !

I purchased a haircut for $19 through Groupon (typically $55!) and then set an appointment.

They sent me an email AND text message a few days before asking me to confirm, and another text message reminder the day of. I have never experienced that before! It was awesome.

As a Dallas transplant, I’ll admit that the sheer number of highways here is incredibly intimidating so I tend not to venture beyond my comfort zone- to and from work, church, school, and friends’ homes. That said, it was surprisingly easy to find the salon. It was right on the road, clearly signed, and you just walk right in!

Once I arrived, I checked in with the receptionist and she offered me my choice of coffee or water (which was flavored with lemon) and it was served in a real glass as I waited for my stylist, Stephanie, to finish with her client. I felt so pampered and all I had done was walk in!

Stephanie and I chatted for a minute about what I wanted, the deal with my hair, etc, and when all was said and done, it took under an hour. She blew it out and gave me VS Angel hair (#swoon) and I love it!

Overall, no complaints from this satisfied customer!



Love and Beer

Good morning, Sisters!

I’m so sorry that I have been MIA. School has absolutely taken over my life! Buuut I wanted to share the craft I made for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day… Personalized beers!


Aren’t they just so precious?! And the nice thing is that you can take this same concept and apply it to any beverage at any time of the year! Let’s get started.

I began by gathering materials…


  • Beer (I bought the Shiner “Family Reunion” 6-pack because A loves Shiner)
  • Construction paper and cardstock- I bought some 6×6″ Valentine’s sheets of cardstock from Target and then some pink and red construction paper I had on hand.
  • Glue- always my trusty glue gun.
  • Glitter (naturally!) and other decorations- I bought a big bag of foam hearts from Target.
  • Labels for the beer. I made mine up based on the type of beer (each one was different)

Okay so. I started by cutting the cardstock in half and gluing it together to make a 3×6″ label. Then I cut each square label out and glued them together.

IMG_2186[1] IMG_2187[1]

Once that was done, I decorated the labels and the box!



I wasn’t planning to glue the labels to the bottles, but the stickers made it difficult to pull the bottles out with the label remaining on the bottle. So the labels and the bottles are all one piece now.

Super easy, super fun! The top picture is the final product. A loved them (he does not love Valentine’s Day), and I love that I have a craft that I can adapt for any holiday I need.

What did you make your man for V-Day?



Wreaths on Wreaths on Wreaths on Wednesday

Heeeey Sisters!

On Sunday, sweet Hillary shared the ornament wreath she made for her sorority house. It’s absolutely darling- go check it out if you haven’t already!

Today, I’m sharing the wreath(s) that I made for my family, and they are a smidge more traditional, but hopefully you’ll like them!

I purchased all of my materials from Michaels

You’ll need…

plain ol' wreath (for now!)

a plain ol’ wreath (for now!)


flower details! big…


…and small!

decorative berries 'cause why not

decorative berries ’cause why not

also scissors and a hot glue gun!

I’ll be honest… It’s difficult to really do a tutorial… I pretty much stuck the stuff in and glued it down so that it would stay. I started with the berries, fanned them out and curved them to fit the shape of the wreath..


hey-o,aren’t my gold moccasins the cutest?

I cut the long stem off the poinsettia (but I kept enough to stick it in) and then glued the base and some of the petals.


Those little flowers actually had twist ties at the bottom, so I just tied them to branches!

so handy!

so handy! excuse my un-manicured fingers, #baristaprobs

Annnnd ta-da!


I love it so much, I made two!

Actually, I had always been planning to make two because they are going above the mantle on either side of a Little Town of Bethlehem portrait that Mama Bear had. I’ll show you the Pinspiration once I get the whole mantle done. Until then, comment! What kind of wreath(s) are you doing? Something more traditional or something more unique? Share with us!

Happy crafting!



What I Wore Sunday

securedownload (1)

linking up with fine linen and purple

Happy Monday and Happy December, Sisters! Hope the end of your week was awesome. If you read my o.g. blog, you know that I sometimes participated in the What I Wore Sunday link up and now I am moving that over to this blog. LUCKY YOU!

Yesterday was not cold. And I was hoping it would be. So I dressed in fall clothes, even though I’m ready for winter like you wouldn’t belieeeve. I loveee pulling in a little pattern to an outfit, so that’s what I did. The blouse is chiffon, and since my church is not suuuper formal, I decided to bring some casual in with a jean jacket and winter scarf. Bringing in a little pop of color definitely made it, don’t you think?

What did you wear this Sunday?


Product Review: Memento Monogrammed Clutch

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope this finds you well.

A few weeks ago, Memento, an online monogramming company, held a contest on their Instagram account, and I won! I was so excited, particularly because I was having a down day and I needed a win. Anyway, their customer service rep, Michelle, was awesome and we got in touch right away and now the clutch is here!


isn’t it so cute!

Lately, I’ve been on a total gold kick- makes sense, given my love for all that glitters- so I was ecstatic that Memento had this clutch in gold- it’s a little darker than I was expecting (this photo, as well as the one on their site, is filtered) but it’s still pretty great. I wasn’t expecting the number of pockets- the bag is basically split in half and there is a pocket on each side in addition to card slots and a coin pouch in the middle. So much space!

The other GREAT feature: it has a cross body strap AND a wristlet strap! So I can wear it alone or throw it in a bigger bag as a wallet. Not to mention that the cross body strap is adjustable…

I’ll admit that it just arrived today so I’m not sure how well it works as a night-out bag but I’m sure it will do just great. I’m so excited that it is here! The bag is $35 on Memento (monogramming costs free-99) and comes in seven colors with a huuuuge variety of thread colors. Memento also does Greek monogramming so you can sport your sorority in the cutest way- or maybe get a gift for your friends and sisters?

Thank you, Memento!


Fashion Friday: Dressing Up With Nowhere to Go

Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope your week was spectacular.

As a college student, I’ll admit that I really enjoy going out with my friends and having a good time. I don’t have plans each week going into the weekend, but I still like to be prepared in case something comes up last minute. So I get dressed, even if I end up going to bed at 8:30. Here’s a few do’s and don’t’s for weekend nights to help you be prepared in case an offer comes up that you can’t refuse!

Don’t put on your pajamas (that includes sweatpants!) Putting on our lazy clothes is internal permission to be lazy. We will end up marathoning wedding shows on netflix instead of fostering human connections. Don’t be a victim to your jammies.
Do wear clothes that are comfortable! Basic denim at Forever21 is currently $8 (!!!) and they are as comfy as leggings because they are made with spandex. Annnnd the great thing about skinny jeans: they are THEEE MOST versatile thing a girl can own.

Don’t feel the need to put on a full face of makeup. You might not go out and then you’ve wasted your time and your makeup remover.
Do wear some mascara. It’s basic and even a little bit will enhance your naturally beautiful self!

Don’t wear a sports bra! This goes back to the pj’s argument.
Do wear a real bra. And underwear. Your future self will thank you.

Do accessorize! Things like statement necklaces, headbands, printed or sparkly scarves, and belts can all be added to a basic tee and jeans if you decide to do something last minute. Effortless, and you’ll get compliments for days.
Don’t be afraid to sparkle!

Here’s my dressed up to stay in outfit:

jeans from h&m. top from love culture. sparkle scarf from forever21.

What do you wear on nights like this?

Sparkle on, Sisters!


Angels We Have Heard on High

Hey y’all!

I just finished my first holiday craft of the season- a shadow box featuring some sweet angels and a patterned background!

Here’s the tutorial of what I did and what I used (all images personal)


  • 11×14 shadow box from Homegoods
  • Metal angel bells from Homegoods
  • Mini wrapping paper from Michaels

To start out, I measured out the wrapping paper to use as a backdrop in the shadow box. I had to trim it but that was no biggie


The shadow box came with some short pins, so I pinned the corners of the wrapping paper to the burlap background. Then, it was time to pin in the angels. Their ribbons were too long for them to hang at the angle I wanted, so I shortened those and pinned them in. I wanted the box to feature the lyrics to one of my favorite Christmas songs (you guessed it- “Angels We Have Heard on High” !) so I took a dry erase marker and wrote “Gloria in excelsis Deo” straight onto the glass. The great thing about dry erase- if I want to use the shadow box again, it’ll come right off!

Here’s the final product:


So sweet, huh? I might add a gold star to that upper right hand corner. What do you think? Do you have any angel crafts planned for this Christmas?