January Wardrobe Update

Today I created a little checklist based on my last blog post about my new wardrobe. Let’s talk about the pieces I’ve already gotten!

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSistersEven though I have money budgeted for clothes, it’s still really hard for me to justify paying full price, especially when plenty of staples will always go on sale… I’ll detail my spending here too, for perspective, and help, for those who are on a budget!

Black Dress Slacks:
I bought two pairs of pants from LOFT. The first I bought on the clearance rack in the store, so I don’t know much more about them. They’re a skinnier fit. They need to be hemmed at the bottom. $42.86

The second pair came today. They are a big big in the waist, but belts are good things. They’re quilted and sooo soft. Ankle pants that are good for winter and spring. $14.88, my friends.
Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSistersNice grownup jeans:
This was such a fluke deal and I still think it was an accident. Anyways. I got two pairs of the same jeans (from, you guessed it, LOFT), and they were on sale for $22.25 each. They’re comfy and stretchy, not really denim-y. I roll them up once at the bottom. But that’s in style…so I guess it’s fine!
Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSistersShells
This was also on sale, bought it when I got the pants. It was $22.50, which is more than I usually spend on tops (I’m terribly cheap), but figured it was a good deal. I found it by looking for those that was priced super high, but were brought down to a manageable price. That way, I’m receiving the quality of the top worth the extra cash.
Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSistersSweaters
This isn’t in my possession yet, so I’m not sure if I’m keeping it yet. But I found a bit of a casual sweater, and liked it! Sometimes slouchy stuff is hard to wear on my frame, but I’ll evaluate how it looks when it gets here… It was on sale also for $15.88, so how can you say no?

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSisters

Color: Vintage Oatmeal Heather

Work Dresses
YOU GUYS I FOUND THE CUTEST DRESS. It was actually on the clearance rack at LOFT for $12.88. I actually did take a picture of it. Wore it for the first time this week and LOOOVE how it fits. The picture makes it look kind of shapeless, sorry…
Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSisters

Total: 7 pieces for $153.50
Average Price: $21.92/item

Moving forward:
I’m looking forward to the rest of my shopping, especially since I’ve already got a great start. Lots of black, but that will slowly be joined by exciting tops and accessories!



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