new year, new wardrobe!

Hello there!

It’s been a long time. I just haven’t done anything worth mentioning recently…!

I’ve already prepped my husband for 2015: the year of the wardrobe crossover. My goal is to replace most of the old pieces in my closet. I’ve got lots of shells/tanks from Ann Taylor LOFT that I’ve been wearing for 5 years now, and they’re starting to get ratty and pilled. Not to mention, I can’t remember if I’ve already worn it to that “one significant event that happens every year.” I just need new work clothes, you guys. and it’s gonna happen!

My new wardrobe will have:

Black dress slacks
Nice grown-up jeans
5-7 shells, patterned or solid
3-4 cardigans
1-2 sweaters
Black pumps (my heels are broken on the current ones 😦 )
1-2 Pencil skirts
Work dresses
Dress up dresses
Plain v-neck T’s

What’s in your closet? What are some staples that every lady needs?




4 thoughts on “new year, new wardrobe!

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  2. Go classic. Less is more. Since you’re so young, have some fun with accessories. You’re on the right track! Find a great tailor!

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