DIY Jewelry Hooks

DIY Jewelry Hooks | TheSparkleSisters

Real Talk, ladies. Our apartment is kind of teeny and not great on storage space. Our vanity has one sink and not much in terms of counter space. We have managed to squeeze in some decorative seashells onto the counter, but it’s barely wide enough to support a hand towel. So where does all the jewelry go?! We have a cabinet in the bathroom that stores towels (and not much else).

One thing I did learn in college was: 3M Command tape is your friend! Justin bought these hooks on accident, thinking they said 5lb limit, and it was actually .5lb weight limit…So I got to take them! It’s not glamorous, but there’s a lot of benefits to this setup:

1. Accessible

2. They don’t get tangled!

3. Away from sight and doesn’t make clutter

Tip: Just make sure your shelves don’t start immediately inside your door, or else you may have some problems with the door closing!

Happy Organizing!


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