Glitter Graduate

Sisters, nothing says going out like a BANG! like glitter on your grad cap, am I right?

My sorority has a tradition where everyone makes matching caps, and for the past 4 years, they’ve included glitter. But let’s talk about the whole loose glitter situation:


Glitter Graduation Caps | TheSparkleSisters

Thanks, Demitri Martin.

My pledge class is known to be a little bit more…concerned with messy things. So we did glitter paper instead! (Still kinda messy….fair warning.)

Mortarboard (Because you’re worth it!)
Glitter Paper
Hot glue gun

So…drawing triangles is hard, you guys. If one’s a leeeetle off, it looks bad. So, we had to assign someone to make a template. We decided on and outside color (silver and gold) with all the insides as blue. But some people wanted the outer color to also show on the inside of the delta. Which meant different dimensions on the triangle…It’s a lot to think about!

I finished first and didn’t want my insides cut out, so here’s what mine looked like!
Glitter Grad Cap | TheSparkleSisters

It’s alternating silver-gold-silver on the backgrounds!

Some people took creative liberties, so here is our whole pledge class on the big day!

Glitter Grad Cap | TheSparkleSisters


This was the ultimate, final sorority craft. It had it all: sparkle, stress and love.

Sparkle on into the real world…!

Glitter Grad Cap | TheSparkleSisters


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