Business Review: Beauty Box Salon in Dallas

Happy Tuesday!

So the last time I got my hair cut was an embarrassing ten months ago (eek!) and while I love how much it grew in that time, I was less than enchanted by my “bangs,” split ends, dead ends, etc… Oh, it was laughably bad.

Enter stage right: Groupon

I’ll admit to being cheap. I’m a student at a private college that works about 16 hours a week and eats a lot, so I don’t have tons of money to spend on such frivilosity as haircuts. However, I have champagne taste when it comes to my hair and after 10 months, there is no way I’m entrusting my locks to Great Clips because I just. can’t. do. it.

Enter stage left: Beauty Box Salon !

I purchased a haircut for $19 through Groupon (typically $55!) and then set an appointment.

They sent me an email AND text message a few days before asking me to confirm, and another text message reminder the day of. I have never experienced that before! It was awesome.

As a Dallas transplant, I’ll admit that the sheer number of highways here is incredibly intimidating so I tend not to venture beyond my comfort zone- to and from work, church, school, and friends’ homes. That said, it was surprisingly easy to find the salon. It was right on the road, clearly signed, and you just walk right in!

Once I arrived, I checked in with the receptionist and she offered me my choice of coffee or water (which was flavored with lemon) and it was served in a real glass as I waited for my stylist, Stephanie, to finish with her client. I felt so pampered and all I had done was walk in!

Stephanie and I chatted for a minute about what I wanted, the deal with my hair, etc, and when all was said and done, it took under an hour. She blew it out and gave me VS Angel hair (#swoon) and I love it!

Overall, no complaints from this satisfied customer!



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