January Birchbox Review

Happy 2014, sisters!

I’ve gotten a great opportunity to test out all of my goodies from my January box, so here’s the rundown! My box was SPOT ON this month and totally rocked. Everything got a 4/4 would buy again from me!


Nail Rock Glitter Manicure: (4/4)
This was SUPER fun. You paint two coats, then dip your fingers in loose glitter and press it down to stick. I left the glitter loose on top without a topcoat for the texture. It comes off fairly easily, so are really nice for a couple days’ wear with no serious side effects (eg eternal glitter).


Original: Right after!

After a couple days!

After a couple days!

Juara Candle Nut Body Creme (4/4)
Smells great and feels great!

Revive Dry Deodorant Sheets (/4)
It comes in a recloseable pack!

Besame Classic Color Lipstick (4/4)
These are amazing. They even came in a little match box. I got multiple uses out of just one. They are super smooth and don’t taste like lipstick, but get on things (as is the nature of red lipstick, I suppose). Great coverage! I even used it lightly once as more of a light pink lipstain.

Beauty Protector: Protect and Detangle (4/4)
Smells great, works great. Makes my hair lay flat and feel good all day, which never happens. I may actually have to buy some of this.

I’ve officially tried everything in my box this month BEFORE my February box has arrived, so it better hurry up!


What did you like in your box in January?


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