December Birchbox Review


Hey y’all!

So…I’m the worst.

I left my Decemeber Birchbox at home when I came back to school. But definitely not before I ate the chocolate. But Mama mailed it to me because she’s da bomb.

I went on a cruise for New Year’s! Some of these things came in handy…travel size!

FusionBeauty – LashFusion XL Mascara: (2/4)
Mostly, I just don’t buy mascara. It applies a very thin layer. I like it because I have minimal eyelashes, but applied enough glam to make me feel pretty. The brush could definitely improve.

Supersmile Ultimate Lip Treatment: (2/4)
This makes your lips feel GREAT. You lick to reactivate it! I just reallllllly didn’t like the taste/smell.

Whish Shave Cream: (?/4)
I am not a shaving cream user (I’m still working through a bottle of Orange Sapphire body wash from a few Christmases ago for my legs). But I wish I was! I haven’t used this yet, but will keep you posted when the need becomes dire.

Chuao Chocolate – Honeycomb: (4/4)

Lulu Organics Hair Powder: (1/4)
Lavender is a super strong smell, you guys. It’s overwhelming to put in your hair, for sure. I probably won’t use it again unless I really need to. Perks: Organic, and it’s a tool that lets you avoid washing your hair (Me, in a nutshell).

What did you like in your December box?


6 thoughts on “December Birchbox Review

  1. So, I don’t actually subscribe to birchbox, but I really like reading your reviews and living vicariously through them. Just wanted to let you know I find your blog adorable! And I have really enjoyed reading it.

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