Burlap Canvas Photo Craft: Age Progression

Hi friends!

Not only is this post overdue, but…so is the gift. Sarah was my first friend when I came to college, I met her the very first night I moved in. We ended up pledging the same sorority, and even though we weren’t supposed to talk about it, we found out we both wanted it super badly! That night we made our second Delta ever, on the lawn of our new home!

Since then, we have taken a photo exactly like that one every year during recruitment. I knew I wanted to commemorate this somehow, and thought her birthday, right after Recruitment in September, would be a great time. Now it’s past Christmas. And it’s finally finished. My mom had lots of handy, cute trinkets at home that I was able to use.



Burlap canvas (I bought mine at Michaels!)
Tulle roll
Chalkboard painted cardboard (Mine was leftover from THIS craft!)
Hot glue
Mini clothespins
Chalk pen

1. Space out where you want the clips with chalk – This can be washed off with a wet cloth when you are finished!

2. Cut tulle into strips, twist together and attach to the sides!
IMG_1886It works best if you have reindeer scissors.

3. Glue on clothespins in the places you want! I arranged for 4 pictures of the same size. Then I used the chalkboard pen and cardboard to spell out our names. I eyeballed the sizes here.

4. Attach the pictures! As an additional touch, I also included the year in each photo.

Easy and adorable! You can personalize this all sorts of ways, with different clips, colors of tulle, and more! I haven’t even given this to her yet, so…I hope she doesn’t read this blog/acts surprised.

Do you have a long-time friend to celebrate?

Mucho love,


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