November Birchbox Wrap Up


Okay, I finally used all of my items in my November box, just in time for my December box to arrive!


Day 2: already chipping!

Day 2: already chipping!

Reapplication Day 4 or 5

Reapplication Day 4 or 5

Color Club Nail Polish – Blue: (2/4) This color grew on me over time, it is in between navy and royal. To test the durability of just the polish, I applied two coats without a topcoat. Within 2 days, they were chipping at the bottom, which I never experience. I applied one more coat before heading out of town, and by day 4, they looked like that again. The quality of the polish I wasn’t stoked about, but it’s a pretty color and there’s probably enough left in the bottle for another go-round.

Ghirardelli Toffee Crunch Bar: (4/4) I mean. It was delicious. It was actually my roommate’s, but she was trying to cut down on sweets….(whyyy). And she even bought me some minis for Christmas. << Why she’s the greatest.

IMG_1353Ahmad Tea London: (4/4) I love tea. These people know my life. My grandma, J and I enjoyed these one morning. Just…props. I love British tea. I’m not a green tea drinker, but someone else got to enjoy it instead!

I can’t wait to start in on my new box – so many fun things!



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