Wreaths on Wreaths on Wreaths on Wednesday

Heeeey Sisters!

On Sunday, sweet Hillary shared the ornament wreath she made for her sorority house. It’s absolutely darling- go check it out if you haven’t already!

Today, I’m sharing the wreath(s) that I made for my family, and they are a smidge more traditional, but hopefully you’ll like them!

I purchased all of my materials from Michaels

You’ll need…

plain ol' wreath (for now!)

a plain ol’ wreath (for now!)


flower details! big…


…and small!

decorative berries 'cause why not

decorative berries ’cause why not

also scissors and a hot glue gun!

I’ll be honest… It’s difficult to really do a tutorial… I pretty much stuck the stuff in and glued it down so that it would stay. I started with the berries, fanned them out and curved them to fit the shape of the wreath..


hey-o,aren’t my gold moccasins the cutest?

I cut the long stem off the poinsettia (but I kept enough to stick it in) and then glued the base and some of the petals.


Those little flowers actually had twist ties at the bottom, so I just tied them to branches!

so handy!

so handy! excuse my un-manicured fingers, #baristaprobs

Annnnd ta-da!


I love it so much, I made two!

Actually, I had always been planning to make two because they are going above the mantle on either side of a Little Town of Bethlehem portrait that Mama Bear had. I’ll show you the Pinspiration once I get the whole mantle done. Until then, comment! What kind of wreath(s) are you doing? Something more traditional or something more unique? Share with us!

Happy crafting!




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