Sparkle Sunday: Ornament Wreath

Man, I love it when my Photo Stream uploads immediately. That nearly never happens…But it did today and was super exciting and nice.

Sparkle Sunday today is being linked with Nifty Thrifty Sundays, so check it out!!

This is a little late on the uptake, but it finally got hung tonight so I had to add a few final touches and now it’s ready for the blog!

IMG_1793I’m in Delta Delta Delta, and our colors are silver, gold and blue. I love that, and it also helps that my university’s colors are also blue and gold. After this project, I might be bleeding silver gold and blue glitter for all of eternity. My shoes still haven’t recovered from stage one.

I had to do this in stages, for many reasons.

1. I bought the ornaments in Denver. and didn’t have time to work on it over break because: twig vases.

2. I bought the wreath and ribbon in OKC, but decided I wanted to wrap the wreath after I started, and ran out of ribbon. So…I ended looking like this:

3. Then I finished in Tulsa, but added a bow and hanger today, so here I am, finally done.

Assorted sized ornaments (I bought mine form Dollar Tree and Wal Mart)
Foam wreath
Hot glue
Hanging device

1. I pulled off all the tops to the ornaments just for convenience.

2. Wrap the wreath with the ribbon

3. Start gluing… and keep gluing.


4. I just made up a way to make a bow…so have fun with that.

5. Last, I attached a hanger to the back end. Mine was makeshift, but worked really well. I straightened out a paper clip into a flat C-shape, and poked them into the foam. Then I covered it in glue and shoved it back in. Ta da, hanger.


Have so much fun, and glitter on!


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