Twig Vases for the Holiday!

Hi y’all.

I should be writing a paper tonight, but I have something to do in 20 minutes. Clearly I can’t effectively get in “the zone” and write anything useful for that in 20 minutes, so here I am cranking out a blog! It’s the only writing I really want to do anyways…!

During Thanksgiving break, I was anxious to bring some Christmas cheer into my home.


The left picture I found on Pinterest via I Can’t Stop Crafting. I put Sparkle Sister spin on this treat and made something so fun!

Materials: (Makes 1 vase)
White paint
Paintbrush you don’t care about
Hot Glue Gun

1. Collect twigs and cut to appropriate size.



2. Paint sticks white! I used acrylic paint and watered it down. A light coat keeps it looking rustic! Justin also helped me with branch cutters even out the ends.


3. Start gluing your sticks to the vase! It will be easiest to start with bigger, straighter, ones and fill in the gaps later with thinner twigs. A vase with straight sides will also work best.

4. Tie a ribbon to complete!

5. We filled them with fake poinsettias and gold branches. Glitter everywhere, y’all. So worth it.


Sparkle on, Sisters!


Today we’re linking up for More the Merrier Monday!

More the Merrier Monday

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