Dipped Cake Balls

Dessert Art!

We decided that pretty desserts count as art.

This is a repost from my personal cooking blog, SkinnyCookProblems. 🙂 Enjoy!


Cake mix
1/2 can frosting
Candy Melts

For ours, we toasted sweetened coconut and bought some Andes Mint Creme de Menthe chips for dipping, using yellow cake mix and cream cheese frosting.

1. Bake cake according to instructions.

2. Crumble cake into a bowl.

3. Mix in half can of frosting, to make a cakey paste.

4. Use the cookie scoop to ball out perfectly measured dough, roll a bit into a more ball shape and put on a cookie sheet.

5. Place the cake balls in the freezer.

6. Prepare toppings. We toasted a whole bag of coconut (any ideas to use it would be appreciated) for about 15 minutes in the oven.

7. Prepare chocolate.

8. Remove balls from freezer, and get to dipping!

9. Decorate and enjoy :)

S/O to Justin for helping me with these! Just wait until you see what he helped me make in the morning too!


Love y’all, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “Dipped Cake Balls

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