November Birchbox Review: Stainiac & DDF

Hi friends!

I am soooo excited to be here. I have been trying to get my homework done all day to reward myself with my first post here!

Let’s talk about something to start out:

You never thought you’d see me writing about BEAUTY PRODUCTS, did you? I sure didn’t. It’s not that I’m a total makeup snob, but I just…don’t know how. Yeah, so there’s that. I get Birchbox because I love getting packages in the mail – True story.

My roommate and I have been receiving Birchbox for the past three months. Birchbox sends you 5 samples a month in an adorable, chevron-lined box to try out and potentially buy the larger sizes. Which…I don’t ever buy because I’m a college student…

At any rate, here is my box this month. I’ve already tried out a couple of items, so here’s what I think about ’em. My goal is to now try my items within the month. I’ve been hoarding the past two months, and that doesn’t really end well. Also. My roommate got a Ghirardelli bar in hers in lieu of the tea I got in mine. I love British tea, but dang…they could have sent me one of those too and I wouldn’t have been mad!

Rating System for the future:

{0/4} – Pretty much useless – broken, unusable, didn’t work

{1/4} – Don’t want to use more than once

{2/4} – Would use as an option if free or discounted, but not as a replacement for current options.

{3/4} – I like this product, will use sample until it’s gone, would buy similar products.

{4/4} – ADORE, would definitely buy the real one if I had the cash/tomorrow.



DDF Amplifying Elixir: {0/4} Well. You’re supposed to apply this to a clean face prior to a moisturiser. Let’s play a game called, Hillary doesn’t know anything about skincare products. Because I win everyday. I didn’t think it would be a horrible idea if I applied it without following it by a lotion. Maybe that was the issue, but maybe not. At any rate, I applied some of the elixir (it was a bit more viscous than saline solution), to my cheeks, forehead and chin. That night, I broke out in bumps…so that was not number one. I’m giving this a zero, partly because I don’t know anything about how to use skin care things…but mostly because it made my face itchy.

theBalm Stainiac: {3/4} This is supposedly a lip stain that doubles as a cheek tinter. I don’t know how I feel about applying hot pink liquid to my face. But the color when applied is surprisingly light and pretty nice. I like it. It’s great because the nature of a stain is that it doesn’t wipe off, and you can apply lip balm on top…Just don’t screw up. It’s a nice color. I haven’t tried more than one layer, but it will probably get as pink as you want. If I ever attempt the face thing, I’ll let you know.


Soooo. I think I’m going to go to bed now…But this was so much fun. I’ll drink my tea soon and keep you posted. đŸ™‚

Much Love,


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