January Wardrobe Update

Today I created a little checklist based on my last blog post about my new wardrobe. Let’s talk about the pieces I’ve already gotten!

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSistersEven though I have money budgeted for clothes, it’s still really hard for me to justify paying full price, especially when plenty of staples will always go on sale… I’ll detail my spending here too, for perspective, and help, for those who are on a budget!

Black Dress Slacks:
I bought two pairs of pants from LOFT. The first I bought on the clearance rack in the store, so I don’t know much more about them. They’re a skinnier fit. They need to be hemmed at the bottom. $42.86

The second pair came today. They are a big big in the waist, but belts are good things. They’re quilted and sooo soft. Ankle pants that are good for winter and spring. $14.88, my friends.
Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSistersNice grownup jeans:
This was such a fluke deal and I still think it was an accident. Anyways. I got two pairs of the same jeans (from, you guessed it, LOFT), and they were on sale for $22.25 each. They’re comfy and stretchy, not really denim-y. I roll them up once at the bottom. But that’s in style…so I guess it’s fine!
Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSistersShells
This was also on sale, bought it when I got the pants. It was $22.50, which is more than I usually spend on tops (I’m terribly cheap), but figured it was a good deal. I found it by looking for those that was priced super high, but were brought down to a manageable price. That way, I’m receiving the quality of the top worth the extra cash.
Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSistersSweaters
This isn’t in my possession yet, so I’m not sure if I’m keeping it yet. But I found a bit of a casual sweater, and liked it! Sometimes slouchy stuff is hard to wear on my frame, but I’ll evaluate how it looks when it gets here… It was on sale also for $15.88, so how can you say no?

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSisters

Color: Vintage Oatmeal Heather

Work Dresses
YOU GUYS I FOUND THE CUTEST DRESS. It was actually on the clearance rack at LOFT for $12.88. I actually did take a picture of it. Wore it for the first time this week and LOOOVE how it fits. The picture makes it look kind of shapeless, sorry…
Rebuilding Your Wardrobe | SparkleSisters

Total: 7 pieces for $153.50
Average Price: $21.92/item

Moving forward:
I’m looking forward to the rest of my shopping, especially since I’ve already got a great start. Lots of black, but that will slowly be joined by exciting tops and accessories!


new year, new wardrobe!

Hello there!

It’s been a long time. I just haven’t done anything worth mentioning recently…!

I’ve already prepped my husband for 2015: the year of the wardrobe crossover. My goal is to replace most of the old pieces in my closet. I’ve got lots of shells/tanks from Ann Taylor LOFT that I’ve been wearing for 5 years now, and they’re starting to get ratty and pilled. Not to mention, I can’t remember if I’ve already worn it to that “one significant event that happens every year.” I just need new work clothes, you guys. and it’s gonna happen!

My new wardrobe will have:

Black dress slacks
Nice grown-up jeans
5-7 shells, patterned or solid
3-4 cardigans
1-2 sweaters
Black pumps (my heels are broken on the current ones 😦 )
1-2 Pencil skirts
Work dresses
Dress up dresses
Plain v-neck T’s

What’s in your closet? What are some staples that every lady needs?



DIY Jewelry Hooks

DIY Jewelry Hooks | TheSparkleSisters

Real Talk, ladies. Our apartment is kind of teeny and not great on storage space. Our vanity has one sink and not much in terms of counter space. We have managed to squeeze in some decorative seashells onto the counter, but it’s barely wide enough to support a hand towel. So where does all the jewelry go?! We have a cabinet in the bathroom that stores towels (and not much else).

One thing I did learn in college was: 3M Command tape is your friend! Justin bought these hooks on accident, thinking they said 5lb limit, and it was actually .5lb weight limit…So I got to take them! It’s not glamorous, but there’s a lot of benefits to this setup:

1. Accessible

2. They don’t get tangled!

3. Away from sight and doesn’t make clutter

Tip: Just make sure your shelves don’t start immediately inside your door, or else you may have some problems with the door closing!

Happy Organizing!

Derby-themed Fundraiser Night

You guys, I did something nearly fashionable!

Our University held an “Uncorked” event at a local concert venue, where there was a live band, hors d’oeuvres from all over town, plus wine to top it off! This fundraiser made money for a scholarship fund dedicated to local students. Although we are quite nearly the same as the broke students we were a month ago, J and I got an email that offered 2 tickets for less than the price of one regular ticket! We still did our part, but sure tried to also get our night’s worth of fun out of it!

The dress code was “Derby attire.” I consulted my frat-tastic friend who works for the University on what to wear and the conversation went like this:
Derby Attire | TheSparkleSisters

But I did have a well-shaped dress for the occasion (if only it were floral!) to wear. So I played along with it to see what I could come up with. Justin had a nice coral-orange tie and he even picked out the jewelry in the store from the mere memory of what color his tie truly was. And it turned out pretty great! I wish there were some better colored pictures of the final product, but here were all the components! I also haven’t worn earrings in a decade (lies, maybe a year?) so that was something fun and new. I think wearing them always make me look older. I take what I can get. The lady that cut my hair that same day asked if I was 12.

Derby Attire | TheSparkleSisters

Derby Attire | TheSparkleSisters

Derby Attire | TheSparkleSisters

Derby Attire | TheSparkleSisters
The Look:
Dress: Banana Republic
Shoes: Payless (I know, but they are really comfy!)
Jewelry: Icing

It was so fun to dress up and go somewhere! We watched the Belmont Stakes the next day, too, in true Derby fashion. But I didn’t wear a hat…some people did, but I wasn’t sure if people were actually going to!

This fashion link up today is going to Sunday FUNday and StyleElixir!


Sparkle On!

How-to: DIY Wedding Flowers

Hi sisters!

I’m a Mrs. now, with lots of stories to share with you from the weekend of the big day! Catherine will probably have some funnier things to upload (a la bachelorette party goodz)

This post is about doing your own flowers. And I mean, literally all the flowers. But hey, they’re easier than they look, especially when you have friends with good eyes for flower arranging and a super helpful stepmom that can assist when you’re about to go crazy.

The original intent was to put them together Friday afternoon (Saturday morning wedding!), after we got our nails done. Well. HA the rehearsal started at 5:30, so there was really just no hope for that. After the rehearsal, we loaded them all up and took them to the hotel where the real arranging began.

I ordered flowers from Sam’s. I’m pretty sure we also got some people’s flowers that we did not order (spider mums), but they worked nicely. We had tons leftover. Baby’s breath multiplies, FYI and it will look like you never used any!

I had three boxes of random containers for centerpieces, with only one layer of vases so that they could be directly transported in the box. It went okay in theory. We had to move osme around based on how huge the arrangements were at the top.

Floral tape
Straight pins
Good friends

The last two are essential!

1. Unpack all of your flowers and get them into containers so they can open up. I picked mine up on Thursday and they were perfect by Saturday.DIY Wedding Flowers | TheSparkleSisters

DIY Wedding Flowers | TheSparkleSisters

We had flowers ALL over the apartment, y’all.


DIY Wedding Flowers | TheSparkleSisters

Also, champagne.


2. Determine how many stems you want in your arrangement. I think my girls did 15?  Here’s where you can either get fancy with it or just wrap them up. If you want, you can start with a certain number and wrap a few together before adding on more. For a more rustic look, you can just bunch them up how you want them and tape away!

DIY Wedding Flowers | TheSparkleSisters

Easy enough?

3. For the centerpieces, we just grouped them together in a similar way, snipped off the ends and placed them in the vases. Here’s a box full of vases and flowers:
DIY Wedding Flowers | TheSparkleSisters

We also made 20 boutonnieres!

Here’s the only professional shots I’ve got so far of them all:

DIY Wedding Flowers | TheSparkleSisters

Courtesy of Forrest Hughes

DIY Wedding Flowers | TheSparkleSisters

Photography by Justina Louise Photography


But we did it and we made it! All by ourselves! HUGE shoutout to all mah ladies and parents who helped me because I was a crazy person.

P.S. I linked this up on Nifty Thrifty Sundays!

Sparkle On,



Wedding Guestbook Map

YAY, wedding crafts!

We honestly have had to do a lot less crafting than I had been anticipating, but a WHOLE LOT of “diy.” Which, in my opinion, are totally different things.

Guestbooks are one of those things that you look at on Pinterest wedding boards even before you liked weddings, and thought, ‘hmm, that’s a cool idea.’ So obviously, there’s a LOT of pressure to pick something that fits your wedding and your life appropriately. I knew I wanted someone non-traditional (not a little white book with lines), but wasn’t sure if we likes space to write notes, or just names. Those two things alone can limit your options.

For example:
Unique Wedding Guestbooks | TheSparkleSistersAlthough adorable, the thumbprint tree doesn’t allow for much writing besides names, if at all.

There were also things like an old mailbox and vintage postcards. But then, it’s like, what do I do with all the loose postcards? You can’t ever mount them or you’ll lose the backs of them.
Unique Wedding Guestbooks | TheSparkleSisters


Then more than that, there’s the cost. I adored instant photographs that are immediately added into a book. But it got a bit pricey, and I was concerned not many people would participate.

We liked the idea of people sharing where they were from, so we considered an individual cut-out of each state represented, but some were so unbalanced…and then what do we do with 10 foamboard states?

So this is what we came up with!

I wish I would have taken more pictures…Sorry!

Foamboard of your color choice. We found a granite colored one at Hobby Lobby.
Paint of your choice
Paint Pen
A good looking guy that can do the hard things for you and reassure you when you break down.

1. Project a map of your choice (we got ours from that handy Google image search thing…) onto the foamboard. For whatever reason, my bonus dad owns a baby projector like this:

It’s not this one, but it is about this size.

So that was easier than we expected. DON’T FORGET TO TRACE THE STATES YOU WANT!

2. After tracing it, we primed it white a few coats before painting yellow, because…yellow.

3. Paint the top coat. We painted probaby 3 or 4, but didn’t use more than one little acrylic paint bottle.

4. Paint the states the other color!

5. Outline the border with paint pen. We had originally bought regular paint, but realized this would work much better. And I already had the paint pen on hand. #sororityproblems. Then add the event at the bottom…this is when i had a meltdown because the pen wasn’t cooperating. It’s fine.
I also DO have a picture of Justin doing this!:
Unique Wedding Guestbook | TheSparkleSisters

6. I used a red Sharpie for the hearts and lines. I just free handed them to complete it!
Unique Wedding Guestbook | TheSparkleSisters

So now everyone can sign essentially wherever they want, and we will have a nice art piece for our baby apartment, and all that for under $10!


Have you ever made a cheaper alternative that turned out better than you could have hoped?

Sparkle On,

Glitter Graduate

Sisters, nothing says going out like a BANG! like glitter on your grad cap, am I right?

My sorority has a tradition where everyone makes matching caps, and for the past 4 years, they’ve included glitter. But let’s talk about the whole loose glitter situation:


Glitter Graduation Caps | TheSparkleSisters

Thanks, Demitri Martin.

My pledge class is known to be a little bit more…concerned with messy things. So we did glitter paper instead! (Still kinda messy….fair warning.)

Mortarboard (Because you’re worth it!)
Glitter Paper
Hot glue gun

So…drawing triangles is hard, you guys. If one’s a leeeetle off, it looks bad. So, we had to assign someone to make a template. We decided on and outside color (silver and gold) with all the insides as blue. But some people wanted the outer color to also show on the inside of the delta. Which meant different dimensions on the triangle…It’s a lot to think about!

I finished first and didn’t want my insides cut out, so here’s what mine looked like!
Glitter Grad Cap | TheSparkleSisters

It’s alternating silver-gold-silver on the backgrounds!

Some people took creative liberties, so here is our whole pledge class on the big day!

Glitter Grad Cap | TheSparkleSisters


This was the ultimate, final sorority craft. It had it all: sparkle, stress and love.

Sparkle on into the real world…!

Glitter Grad Cap | TheSparkleSisters